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Climate Change at Torridge

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TORRIDGE - Our Environment, Our Future

Torridge District Councils have declared a 'Climate Emergency' and are a signatory to the Devon Climate Declaration. We have committed to a target of net zero carbon emissions from our operations by 2030, and for the districts by 2050. We recognise the impacts we have on the residents, businesses and communities of Torridge through a range of functions and services that we deliver.

The Council has developed a Carbon, Environment and Biodiversity Plan, that will see us move to a low carbon, sustainable and resilient future and support our communities in this vital journey. The second Annual Review (PDF) [2MB] of this plan was published in September 2023.

Resolving the causes and impacts of climate change needs a joined-up approach where everyone from the government, businesses and local residents all play their part. We understand that we are in a position to promote effective partnership working in Torridge, and by publishing our plan we hope that this will support our communities on a journey to a low carbon, sustainable and resilient future.

We are working with the Devon Climate Emergency partnership to develop a Devon Carbon Plan (link to our DCE page below), identifying the actions we need to take to achieve net zero carbon by 2050.

We have also signed up to the North Devon Biosphere's Nature Recovery Plan, a response to the global ecological emergency. It sets out the priority actions required from 2021-25 to move towards our 2030 Vision for nature's recovery across northern Devon.

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