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North Devon and Exmoor Seascape Character Assessment

SCA Front Cover
Status: Adopted

Author: Land Use Consultants

Adopted: 9th May 2016 (TDC)


The North Devon and Exmoor Seascape Character Assessment (SCA) was adopted by Torridge District Council on 9th May 2016.

Seascape character assessment is a technique that has been developed to facilitate systematic analysis, description and classification of the landscape.

Seascape is defined by Natural England in the terms of the European Landscape Convention (ELC) as: "An area of sea, coastline and land, as perceived by people, whose character results from the actions and interactions of land with sea, by natural and/or human factors"

The study area includes all of the coastal sections of the North Devon Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) and Exmoor National Park.  This assessment is based on new primary evidence, supporting secondary data and engagement of key stakeholders and representatives of the coastal communities of North Devon and Exmoor. The SCA defines 27 Seascape Character Areas for North Devon and Exmoor.

This Seascape Character Assessment will help provide baseline evidence to support strategic planning, development management decisions and provide guidelines for the conservation and enhancement of the areas special landscape qualities.

The Seascape Character Assessment is not intended to replace the Landscape Character Assessments in coastal areas where the studies overlap; instead the two resources should be used together to provide a fully integrated resource on landscape and seascape character.

Seascape Character Assessment Whole Report (PDF) [16MB]

The North Devon and Exmoor Seascape Character Assessment is a substantial document, which for ease of access has been divided into the below sections to download.


01_Introduction (PDF) [2MB]

02_Method (PDF) [3MB]

03_Overview of character and the visual resource provided by the North Devon and Exmoor seascape (PDF) [12MB]

Seascape Character Area profiles

04_The Seascape Character Assessment Classification (PDF) [5MB]

05_Minehead to Hurlstone Point (PDF) [2MB]

06_Porlock Bay (PDF) [1MB]

07_Central Bristol Channel (PDF) [1MB]

08_Gore Point to Countisbury Cove (PDF) [1MB]

09_The Foreland and Lynmouth Bay (PDF) [1MB]

10_Valley of Rocks (PDF) [1MB]

11_Lee and Woody Bays (PDF) [1MB]

12_Woody Bay to Little Hangman (PDF) [1MB]

13_Lower Bristol Channel (PDF) [1MB]

14_Combe Martin and Ilfracombe Bays (PDF) [1MB]

15_Ilfracombe to Morte Point (PDF) [1MB]

16_Woolacombe Bay (PDF) [1MB]

17_Horseshoe Rocks (PDF) [1MB]

18_Outer Bideford Bay (PDF) [1MB]

19_Lundy (PDF) [1MB]

20_Lundy North (PDF) [1MB]

21_Croyde Bay & Baggy Point (PDF) [1MB]

22_Braunton Burrows and Saunton Coast (PDF) [1MB]

23_Taw-Torridge Estuary (PDF) [1MB]

24_Northam Burrows and Westward Ho! (PDF) [1MB]

25_Abbotsham Coast (PDF) [1MB]

26_Clovelly Coast (PDF) [1MB]

27_Inner Bideford Bay (PDF) [1MB]

28_Hartland North Coast (PDF) [1MB]

29_Hartland Atlantic Coast (PDF) [1MB]

30_Hartland Race (PDF) [1MB]

31_Lundy South (PDF) [1MB]


32_Appendix 1 (PDF) [521KB]

33_Appendix 2 (PDF) [151KB]

34_Appendix 3 (PDF) [793KB]


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