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Antisocial Behaviour in Car Parks

Antisocial behaviour will not be accepted in Torridge District Council Car Parks.

For 'boy racers', speeding around car parks after they have closed may seem like a relatively harmless activity. However...

Night time activity in car parks is a problem for local residents

Night time vehicle activity in car parks concerns local residents who are kept awake by noise and worry about their safety and the safety of the drivers involved.

People who do not use car parks for their intended purpose are at risk of receiving a fine

Car parks are designed for the sole purpose of parking vehicles. If an individual causes a nuisance or disturbance to others, it may be recorded by CCTV cameras and a £70 Penalty Charge Notice may be sent in the post.

Failure to pay the fine will ultimately result in a bailiff being sent to collect goods to the value of the fine (which increases at every stage of the process).

If necessary, a bailiff may seize a vehicle.

Vehicles which use car parks as a race track are likely to damage the car park surface

Damage caused to the car park must be repaired. By meeting the cost of repairing this damage, the Council may not be able to work on important projects, such as projects for young people.

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