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Landscape Sensitivity Assessment for Torridge District

An Assessment of the Landscape Sensitivity to Onshore Wind Energy & Field-Scale Photovoltaic Development in Torridge District

Status: Adopted

Author: Land Use Consultants

Adopted: 5th December 2011 


Torridge District Council has adopted a Landscape Sensitivity Assessment to Onshore Wind & Field-Scale Photovoltaic Development in response to the substantial and ongoing interest in land for the two technologies and onshore wind in particular.

Torridge's landscape has a significant economic, social and community value, contributing to a sense of identity, well-being, enjoyment and inspiration and being a major contributor to a strong tourism industry. It also has an environmental value, as a home for wildlife and a cultural record of society's use of the land.

The Council recognises that the district has good conditions to produce wind and solar electricity and understands the need to maximise renewable energy generation, which can have environmental, economic, social and other benefits. However, the development of wind and solar electricity generating installations across Torridge needs to be managed carefully to achieve the greatest contribution towards our energy needs, while at the same time ensuring that important characteristics of the landscape are not unacceptably harmed.

In order to help understand how best to accommodate wind and solar electricity generation installations in the Torridge landscape, Torridge District Council commissioned Land Use Consultants to undertake an assessment of the sensitivity of the landscape to onshore wind and field-scale solar photovoltaic (PV) development in the District. The study forms part of the evidence base to support the emerging Torridge District Local Plan. It will also enable the Council to make robust, well-informed decisions on the planning applications received for wind and solar PV developments.

The assessment includes landscape recommendations on the appropriate siting and scale of future development (wind and solar PV) within each of the District's 15 Landscape Character Types (LCTs). Landscape strategies for the deployment of each technology in each LCT have been developed, to give an indication of the relative amounts of development that might be accommodated in different LCTs - independent of renewable energy targets.

The Landscape Sensitivity Assessment can be viewed online or downloaded from the links provided below.


Final Report, Landscape Sensitivity Assessment for Torridge


Please note that the maps should not be used in isolation but together with the information provided in the Final Report


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