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We provide a weekly recycling collection to all residential households in Torridge. Your recycling should be placed kerbside by 7am on the morning of your scheduled collection day to ensure it is picked up.

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All recycling must be presented in the containers that we provide and should be sorted as per our recycling guides:

Recycling guide 2024 (PDF) [524KB]

Recycling Quick Guide 22-23 (PDF) [529KB]

Boxes and bags for recycling can be collected from our Head Office @ Riverbank House, Bideford EX39 2QG. Deliveries for boxes and bags can take up to 10 working days. Please Note: Due to supply issues of our green recycling boxes there will be a delay in their delivery. We will endevour to deliver these as soon as stock arrives. Thank you for your understanding 

We provide the following containers:

Green Box

Your green box is for recycling plastic items such as yoghurt pots, drinks bottles and milk cartons as well as metal food tins. We do not accept any black plastic, tetra pak cartons, plant pots, pet food pouches, saucepans/frying pans or any soft plastic wrapping. 

Household batteries can be placed inside your green box but we ask that these are placed inside a clear bag within the box. 

Small electrical items are also accepted but they should be presented inside a carrier bag within the green box. We cannot accept microwaves as part of the recycling scheme, these are classed as bulky items.

Please remember to wash and squash your recycling.

Black Box

Your black box is for recycling glass jars and bottles. We cannot accept Pyrex containers, glass vases or drinking glasses. 

Brown Bag

Your brown bag is for recycling cardboard. We ask that any large boxes are broken down and placed inside the bag. They should not be left in a pile on the kerb or stacked inside another box. Please remove any tape from the boxes before placing them out for collection. Each household can place out a maximum of 2 brown bags per week. Any excess cardboard should be taken to your local recycling centre or put out the following week. 

We are unable to accept Tetrapak cartons. These can be taken to your local recycling centre.

Green Bag

Your green bag is for recycling paper and magazines. We do accept shredded paper but we ask that it is placed in a tied bag within your green bag to prevent it from flying away when it is emptied. Please remove any plastic wrapping from magazines.

We also accept 1-3 items of good quality clothing per week which should be placed in your green bag.

Food Caddies

We provide a small caddy which is for use in your kitchen for daily food waste. This should be emptied into the large caddy which is placed out to be emptied on your collection day. We ask that residents line their caddy with newspaper, biodegradable bags, carrier bags or bin liners to prevent food sticking to the caddy. Please tie the bags so that they come out easier when emptying. 

Torridge District Council is unable to accept compostable coffee pods in our food caddies or garden waste recycling bins. These items do not break down fully during the treatment process our food waste is sent to and the composting site our garden waste is treated at is not able to accept food derived waste. These items can be composted at home and Torridge is working in partnership with who can supply a range of low cost home composters.

Final destination of recycling

Torridge has taken the decision to focus on collecting single material items such as bottles and food trays that are made of easier to recover polymers and have a higher value. Everything we collect at the kerbside has to find a reprocessing market and we are able to send most of our collected material to UK based reprocessing sites. The document below shows where the different items that we collect are taken to.

Read more about final recycling destinations


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