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Quarterly Business Reports

The Quarterly Business Monitoring Report (QBR) summarises achievements and progress against the Councils Strategic Plan and current key Business Plans actions, measures, expenditure and income.

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The Council reports performance information at the conclusion of each financial quarter. The information is challenged by the Senior Management Team and by the Overview & Scrutiny (Internal) Committee before being published on this page. In 2021 the content and format of the QBR was reviewed by Councillors and redesigned to improve accessibility/understanding and to ensure that performance reporting is aligned with the Strategic Plan. Each Quarterly Business Report includes:

Performance Highlights - A summary of key performance information.

Income and Budget Monitoring - Includes income and salary information; a summary of any significant budget underspends and overspends;  the capital expenditure to date together with a note on useable capital receipts; a breakdown of the Earmarked Reserves of the Council highlighting the balances which have not been specifically committed; and a summary of treasury deposits..

Strategic Plan Performance Updates - Updates regarding the achievement of key performance indicators and progress made on the actions listed in the Strategic Plan under each of our four Strategic Themes: Local Economy; Communities, Health and Housing; Our Environment Our Future; Our Council. 

2023/24 Performance Reports

QBR 3 2023-24 (PDF) [2MB]

QBR 2 2023 -24 (PDF) [2MB]

QBR 1 2023 -24 (PDF) [1MB]

2022/23 Performance Reports

QBR 4 2022-23 (PDF) [643KB]

QBR 4 Addendum - Performance Trend Analysis (PDF) [280KB]

QBR 3 2022/23 (PDF) [651KB]

QBR 2 - 2022/23 September 2022 (PDF) [674KB]

QBR 1 2022/23 July 2022 - Finance only (PDF) [146KB]


2021/22 Performance Reports

QBR4 Addendum - Performance Trend Analysis 2021/22 (PDF) [278KB]

Q4 - March 2022 - Quarterly Business Report (PDF) [548KB]

Q3 - December 2021 - Quarterly Business Report (PDF) [581KB]

Q2 - September 2021 - Quarterly Business Report (PDF) [530KB]

Q1 - June 2021 - Quarterly Business Report (PDF) [495KB]

2020/21 Performance Reports

QBR4 Addendum - Performance Trend Analysis 2020/21 (PDF) [275KB]

Q4 - March 2021 - Quarterly Business Report (PDF) [735KB]

Q3 - Dec 2020 - Quarterly Business Report Trends (PDF) [1MB]

Q2 - Sept 2020 - Quarterly Business Reports (PDF) [599KB]

Q1 - June 2020 - Quarterly Business Report (PDF) [581KB]

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