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Using interactive mapping

Opening the web map

To open our main interactive map, use the following link.

Start now (opens in new tab)

You can also view a list of all our maps to find the specific one you are interested in.

The initial map view shows the ward and parish boundaries in Torridge with an Ordnance Survey base map. The drop-down menu in the top right of the screen will display all the other base maps which can be applied to the web map. 

Dropdown to toggle the base map in use

The menu button in the top left of the screen opens a list showing the functionality of the map and this will vary depending on the map being viewed. The top option in this list on all web maps will be called 'Map Layers' and it is this option that will display the layers of information that can be turned on and off to change the view that appears on the map. 

Menu button with Map Layers link showing

A map layer can be turned on by clicking the box next to the layer name so a tick appears, clicking the box again will remove the arrow and the layer from the web map. The is no limit to the number of layers that can be turned on at the same time, but the map will take longer to load with more layers turned on.

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