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Torridge District Council publishes first Annual Review of its Carbon, Environment & Biodiversity Plan

Solar Panels

Solar Panels

Torridge District Council has published the first Annual Review of its Carbon, Environment & Biodiversity Plan. The document includes a baseline carbon footprint for the Council and identifies practical ways in how this can be reduced.

Torridge District Council is one of 300 councils nationwide to have declared a climate emergency in response to the growing evidence of the impact climate change is having on our environment, population and communities. In 2019 it signed the Devon Climate Emergency declaration and agreed to support the district to reach net zero carbon by 2050.

As part of this commitment councillors agreed to focus on reducing the council's impact on the environment and has built consideration of environmental effects of its activities into its decision making and projects. Carbon emissions have already been reduced by over 16.3% at the Council and the Carbon Management Programme is updated and reviewed annually.

Last year, the council completed the refurbishment of the Northam Burrows Visitor Centre, where materials from the old centre were reused as extensively as possible. Other components were upgraded to better insulation properties to add to the overarching green environmental approach adopted for the project, with significant carbon savings per year.

The Council has also completed major refurbishments at their leisure facilities in Northam, Holsworthy and Torrington Pools including heat recovery and air conditioning systems replacing old and less efficient plant.

The recent actions build on the introduction of solar panels on council buildings, installation of electric vehicle charging points across the district, electric council vehicle purchases, solar powered parking metre installations and a change in ethos to implement low impact methodology wherever possible.

Torridge District Council's Lead Member for Climate Change, Councillor Peter Hames, said:
"Since publishing our Carbon, Environment and Biodiversity Plan last year we have completed a carbon audit of all of Torridge's buildings and operations. Based on this we are now able to progress an array of projects which will reduce the Councils greenhouse gas emissions. We know that we need to be doing more, and this first review of our plan provides greater focus for the Council."

You can find the Carbon Management Plan on the council's website here:

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