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Benchmarking information helps to highlight areas of strength and weakness and identify where other similar Council's perform stronger than us - this could be the result of more effective processes, resource priorities, or factors in their local economies.

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In this benchmarking report we have compared over 150 different datasets for Torridge District Council against our 'Nearest Neighbours'. The Local Government Association use the CIPFA Nearest Neighbours comparison groups to compare a Council with the 15 other Councils with the most similar statistical characteristics in terms of social and economic features.

The comparative datasets have been categorised under the following headings:

  • Demographics
  • COVID-19
  • Climate Change
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Local Economy
  • Council Finances
  • Performance Indicators

For each dataset we have ranked Torridge's position in terms of highest or lowest out of 16. The datasets are presented graphically to facilitate understanding of Torridge's relative position. 

Where datasets do not relate to the current year, the information presented is the most recent comparative information.

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