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Accessibility report


Scope of the evaluation

Date: 28th September 2023

Website name: Main website of Torridge District Council

Scope of the website: 

Web content of the main website of Torridge District Council, consisting of:

For the purposes of this report, the term 'website' refers to all of the above domains.

WCAG Version: 2.1

Conformance target: AA

Accessibility support baseline:

  • Chromium based browsers (e.g. Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge) with NVDA on Desktop
  • Mozilla Firefox with NVDA on Desktop
  • Apple Safari with VoiceOver on iOS
  • Google Chrome with TalkBack on Android

Additional evaluation requirements:

The report will test a sample of pages on the website against the WCAG 2.1 Level AA criteria.

The sample includes core webpages and forms (e.g. homepage, search, login), help and legal information pages (e.g. accessibility statement and cookie policy), contact pages and feedback mechanism, pages with distinct appearances, frequently accessed webpages and forms, a selection of downloadable documents, and an additional random sample (10% of the number of sample pages).

The web browsers, operating systems and assistive technologies listed in the 'Accessibility Support Baseline' section will be used for manual testing of the sample. Automated testing will also be conducted for the same sample with browser extensions (WAVE, Axe and Microsoft Accessibility Insights for Web).

Sample of webpages

Structured sample:

Randomly selected sample:

Summary of audit results

Reported on 50 of 50 WCAG 2.1 AA Success Criteria.

  • 29 Passed
  • 8 Failed
  • 0 Cannot tell
  • 13 Not present
  • 0 Not checked

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