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Local List Glossary

Introduction and Background

In order to assess a planning application, the Development Management Teams at North Devon and Torridge need to be in receipt of appropriate supporting information. Certain national requirements are mandatory, but local authorities have the discretion to have a local list of information requirements or validation criteria that are considered necessary to support the process of effective and efficient decision making.

North Devon and Torridge District Councils (the "Councils") have produced this planning validation checklist ("checklist") in accordance with the requirements of paragraph 44 of the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) and Planning Practice Guidance. Paragraph 44 of the NPPF states that local planning authorities should publish a list of their information requirements for planning applications, and that such should be kept to the minimum needed to make decisions. The validation list should also be subject to frequent review.

This checklist has been prepared to take account of policy changes, both at a national and local level, as provided by the revised NPPF (2021) and the North Devon and Torridge Local Plan 2011-2031 (October 2018) (the "Local Plan"), from the previously published checklists that were separately provided by the local planning authorities. 

The checklist has been prepared to help developers when submitting planning applications, by providing clear information as to what should be submitted with each application type. Following the finalisation of the checklist, after consultation (as set out below) a matrix will be prepared that will further assist users in identifying the information requirements by application type.

Paragraph 44 states that local planning authorities should only request supporting information that is relevant, necessary and material to the planning application in question. Planning Practice Guidance  (paragraph 040 Reference ID: 14-040-20140306) states that, in addition to being specified on an up-to-date local list published on the local planning authority's website, information requested with a particular planning application must be:

  • reasonable having regard, in particular, to the nature and scale of the proposed development; and
  • about a matter which it is reasonable to think it will be a material consideration in the determination of the application.

This document provides users of North Devon and Torridge District Council's respective Development Management Services with an overview of all supporting assessments and plans required at the time of submitting a planning application (made under the Town and Country Planning Acts) to make it valid. If an application on receipt has the correct level of supporting information, then it is ''valid'' and it can progress towards a decision.

The checklist is set out into two main parts:

Part One - sets out the national list of requirements which are mandatory for all planning applications.

Part Two - sets out North Devon and Torridge District Councils' local list.

The checklist aims to:

  • assist in ensuring that your application is valid when submitted.
  • ensure that all applications can be dealt with effectively and efficiently.
  • respond positively to best practice advice issued by Government.
  • ensure that North Devon and Torridge District Council comply with legislation in relation to planning applications.

The Validation Checklist included within this document is designed to help ensure that application is valid when received. The checklist highlights relevant local and national policies, and if pertinent technical documents and provides links to where such documents can be accessed.

It is recommended that the content of the technical documents supporting an application be informed by pre-application discussions. North Devon and Torridge Councils provide pre-application services, for which a fee is charged that will include advice on the validation requirements associated to the proposed development.

Please note that planning permission, listed building and advertisement consents may not be the only permissions or consents you could require from North Devon or Torridge Councils. Other consents include Building Regulations, Licensing, and Food Safety.

The Validation Process

Only valid applications will be progressed toward a decision. "Valid" means that all the information specified in this checklist, is provided from the outset. If relevant information or the correct fee is absent, the local planning authority will not be able to start determining the application. The checklist confirms what information is required for different types of applications.

There are different types of applications, and some require more detailed information than others, additionally the scale of the proposed development may have implications for information requirements. Submitted information must be accurate and current and as indicated may need to be provided by an appropriately qualified person. The purpose of the determined requirements is to support effective and efficient decision making and to ensure that anyone with an interest in the outcome of an application can accurately assess what the impacts of the proposed development will be.

Upon receipt of an application, the Councils' Planning Support Team will crosscheck the information submitted against national planning application requirements, together with the local requirements, set out in this document. If the required information and correct fee is provided, the application will be classed as ''valid'' and it will then progress towards a decision.

If the application is determined to be invalid, the agent/applicant will be contacted and asked to provide the outstanding fee and/or information requirements within 21 days, if not provided within this timeframe, the application will be determined to be invalid and will be closed down. The applicant/agent will be advised that no further action will be taken with regard to the application, and any previously provided fee will be returned.

Note: Applicants are encouraged to supply documentation which has been produced electronically in that format. This applies whether the application is made on-line or whether a paper application is made. This facilitates the transfer of information to consultees and for the public to view planning proposals on-line with the greatest efficiency. It would be appreciated if the scale of the plans and paper size is no larger than is required to illustrate the proposals.

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