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Avian influenza prevention zone declared in south-west England

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Chickens and Turkey

General Guidance for Bird Keepers

Following a number of detections of avian influenza in poultry and wild and captive birds across Devon, Cornwall and parts of Somerset, the UK's Deputy Chief Veterinary Officer has declared an Avian Influenza Prevention Zone (AIPZ) across the region to mitigate the risk of further outbreaks of disease occurring.

This means that from 31 August 2022 it is a legal requirement for all bird keepers in Devon, Cornwall (including the Isles of Scilly) and parts of Somerset to follow strict biosecurity measures to help protect their flocks, of whatever type or size. A map of the Avian Influenza Prevention Zone is available on

Backyard owners with small numbers of poultry including chickens, ducks and geese must take steps to limit the risk of the disease spreading to their animals.

More information can be found here Government Announcement

Public Reporting of Dead Birds -

  • While the Bio Hazard risk of dead birds to humans and other animal species other than birds is low please DO NOT HANDLE any that you come across and keep your pets away from carcasses.

  • Inform the Defra helpline if you find a single bird of prey, including owls or 3 or more dead wild waterfowl (swans, geese or ducks) or gulls or 5 or more dead birds of any species. Call 03459 33 55 77 and please select option 7 - Further advice here:

Public Reporting of Sick Birds - 

  • If you come across a sick or injured bird DO NOT HANDLE the bird but please call the RSPCA on 0300 1234 999.

Find out more Find out more here

01 September 2022

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