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Payment of the £150 Energy Rebate for Band A-D direct debit customers is on its way!

£150 Energy Council Tax Rebate Graphic

£150 Energy Council Tax Rebate Graphic

Torridge are pleased to announce that following completion of the necessary software upgrades required to make payments, the £150 Energy Rebate has been made to over 19,060 Band A-D households paying by direct debit, who will receive the money into their accounts by the end of this week.

A further 7,383 Band A-D cash payment customers have been written to with instructions of how they can apply for the rebate online. This group of cash payment Band A-D customers can access the online process without having to wait for the letter by clicking this link *

*Please note that the page for online applications may be slow to load due to the number of applications we are expecting in the opening days. We would ask for your patience or to consider returning at another time if you experience any persistent problems.

Please do not contact the Council in the short-term to chase these payments or letters, as we are currently experiencing a high level of calls.

Discretionary payments for Bands E-H will be around mid-June once further software upgrades have been completed.

We are working hard to get all of the payments to eligible residents as quickly as possible and thank you once again for your patience and understanding while we complete this process.

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