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£150 Energy Rebate Scheme

Anyone in properties banded A-D and who have historically been paying by direct debit will receive their payment this week. A letter is being sent to Non direct debit payers advising how to apply for the payment or you can complete an online application. Newer direct debit customers that did not get a payment this week will also need to apply via this form.

Discretionary payments for Bands E-H will be around mid-June once further software upgrades have been completed.

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Lundy Island

Lundy Island

Lundy lies off the coast of North Devon, where the Atlantic ocean meets the Bristol Channel with nothing between it and America. In the hubbub of the modern world it is a place apart, peaceful and unspoilt. Within its one and a half square miles Lundy has no less than forty-one Scheduled Monuments as well as a clutch of Listed Buildings.

Lundy's position with the Atlantic Ocean to the west and the Bristol Channel to the east creates a unique combination of environmental conditions that have given rise of a considerable selection of habitats that in turn support a variety of rare and spectacular wildlife. From puffins; to deer; and feral goats above the waves, and seals; dolphins; and corals below the sea.

People return time and again to the simple pleasures that Lundy affords; the sea is clear, the landscape spectacular and at night, without competition from street lights, it is truly dark and the stars shine with an unfamiliar brilliance.

Boat trips from Bideford are available. For more information, have a look at their website.

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