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Stray dogs in Torridge

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If you have found a stray dog during office hours, please contact Environmental Protection on 01237 428700.  If an officer is available, we will arrange to collect it from you.  If found overnight or at weekends, finders should telephone the out-of-hours Standby Officer on 01237 428700 and wait for the emergency contact information, so that the details of the dog can be recorded; finders will be requested to hold on to the dog until collection can be arranged the next working day. There is no collection or delivery service overnight or at weekends.


If you have lost your dog, please contact Environmental Protection on 01237 428700.  If you are ringing outside normal office hours, please contact the Council's Standby Officer on the same number, who will take details and provide advice. 

Unfortunately, the loss of a dog can become very expensive for its owner.  If a dog is taken into the care of a Council, a government fine is imposed, plus handling, administrative and kennelling fees  (sometimes veterinary treatment is also necessary and is reclaimed) - see Fees & charges

Dogs that are not claimed must be held for seven days, after which they are passed to an animal charity for rehoming.

Even if your dog is microchipped, you MUST still ensure that it is provided with a collar and tag bearing the name and contact details of the owner. Failure to do so is also an offence and you can be fined up to £5,000 if your dog is in a public place without this information.

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