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A proxy vote is when you ask a trusted person to submit your vote on your behalf - these applications must be received at our offices 6 working days before an election. 

Quick Check

Are you registered to vote in Torridge District?

You need to be on the electoral register before we will process a proxy vote application. 


Have you moved to a new address in Torridge since you last voted and did you re-register?

If you have recently moved house in Torridge you will need to re-register before we can process your request for a proxy vote.


Is your proxy on the Electoral Register?

The person you ask needs to be 18 or over, on the electoral register and eligible to vote in the election. 


Can your Proxy get to your local polling station to submit your vote?

The person you ask will need to attend your local polling station to submit your vote for you.  If you do not know anyone locally who is able to do this - say you are an Overseas Voter - then your proxy can ask for a postal proxy application form, this application needs to be received at our offices 11 working days before the date of the poll.


What type of application do you need us to send?

1. Proxy vote for a particular election or referendum

To appoint a proxy for one particular election. 


2. Permanent or long term proxy vote

If you are not able to attend the polling station for the foreseeable future you can apply for a long term proxy. This is a more detailed form which requires someone to support the application, like an employer or a GP.


You can request this application if:

  • You have a disability
  • You are away on an educational course
  • You are away for work
  • You are registered as an overseas voter
  • You work overseas for the British Council or as a Crown servant
  • You are serving overseas in the Armed Forces


3. Emergency proxy vote

After the deadline for a normal proxy vote has closed, if you have an emergency that means you cannot vote in person, you can apply for an emergency proxy - these applications can be made up to 5pm on polling day. 


The form you complete depends on your reason for needing a proxy, currently these are:

You have a disability

You are away for work

You are have been told to self-isolate due to coronavirus


Request an application to apply for a proxy vote

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