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Bring photo ID to vote

Check what photo ID you'll need to vote in person in the General Election on 4 July.

Election FAQs

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Who is my local Councillor?

You can find out who your Parish, District and County Councillors are by visiting our  Councillors webpage. 

The Councillor & Ward Listing document on this page will provide you with details of Councillors, Wards and Polling Stations. The team are also available if you have any questions - you can use our Contact Us webpage.


When is the next election in Torridge?

Torridge held District and Parish Elections on Thursday 4th May 2023 and the results can be found on our Results Page.

The next election will be for the Police and Crime Commissioner and is due to be held on Thursday 2 May 2024. 


I have not received information from the Candidates, where can I find out about them?

In the lead up to an election the people who have put themselves forward as Candidates will be listed on our website, on our elections pages.

A Notice of Poll will also be printed off and displayed in the relevant wards.  Torridge District Council will usually display a copy in their reception area at Riverside and add it to the website.

As a Council we remain impartial and will not hold information on Candidates. Candidates and any party they represent are responsible for their own publicity and information.  


What is happening with the Voter ID requirements?

From 4 May 2023 onwards, the Elections Act 2022 requires voters to show photographic identification at polling stations before they are given a ballot paper. To find out more go to our Voter ID Page.


I'm not sure if I am registered?

If you are unsure call the team or email us - our details are on the Contact Us webpage - and we can check the register for you.  If you know you are not registered in Torridge or you are moving / have moved go to

You must be registered at your address if you want to apply for a postal or a proxy vote.


When will I receive my Poll Card?

Poll Cards will be sent out to Electors once the Notice of Election is published. You can call the team or email us if you are worried that you haven't received a Poll Card - our details are on the Contact Us webpage.  


I have lost my polling card, can I still vote?

If you have lost your poll card you can still go to your polling station and tell the staff your full name and address you will be able to vote. You will need to have a recognised form of photo ID to vote though. To find out more go to our Voter ID Page.

You can check your polling station if you click here, or you can contact the team using our Contact Us webpage.


What will it be like to vote at a Polling Station?

Now that Covid-19 restrictions have ended you are no longer required to wear a mask or socially distance.  However, some of the  hygiene measures people have become used to will remain in place.

You can bring your own pen or pencil, but we will also provide pencils.

The introduction of Voter ID will mean that Polling Station staff will need to spend some more time with individual electors, so there may be a slightly longer wait to vote.   


What if I don't want to go to the Polling Station?

Polling Stations will be a safe place to vote, but we understand some people will still feel anxious about voting in this way.

People who do not want to attend the polling station on polling day can apply for an Absent Vote - a postal vote or a proxy vote - just for this election, or for all future elections too.

You can find out more on our Different Ways to Vote webpage.  


What if I can't get the station on polling day?

If you know in advance you can apply for an absent vote for one election - you can find out more on our Different ways to vote webpage.

If you have an emergency that means you find out near polling day can't go to the polling station in person, through work or disability, you can request an emergency proxy and supply evidence.

This means you can appoint someone you trust who lives locally and is on the Register of Electors, and they will be able to go your polling station and submit your vote for you.

You can find the forms and more detail on out Emergency Proxy webpage

This only applies after 5pm on the 6th working day before polling day. 



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