If you think your property is at risk of flooding, then you should take early preventative measures to protect your home.

Find out if you're at risk and how to prepare for flooding here:



The council does not have a duty to provide sandbags and if you are concerned about flooding, you should make your own arrangements as soon as you hear that flooding is possible.

Aqua-sacs can be purchased during office hours from Riverbank House, and sandbags can be obtained from most Builders Merchants or DIY store, even grow bags will do!  There is nothing special about sandbags, if your house is under threat and you are unable to obtain any sandbags, you may need to improvise.  Bin liners or carrier bags with soil dug from your garden can help, or soil wrapped in a bath towel laid across the bottom of the door.

There are several companies that provide alternatives to sandbags:

The Environment Agency has a booklet 'Using Flood Protection Products, a Guide to Householders', which gives practical advice.  For further information about flooding and details of flood warnings call:

0845 988 1188

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