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Annual Monitoring Report (AMR)

The Annual Monitoring Report (AMR) is an important part of the Local Plan system as part of a Plan, Monitor and Manage approach.

The Annual Monitoring Report is a wide-ranging monitoring document that is produced by the Council on an annual basis and it is intended to report upon the:

  • progress of preparing the Local Development Documents (i.e. Development Plan Documents and Supplementary Planning Documents) against the timetable and milestones set out in the agreed timetable (Local Development Scheme)
  • extent to which the policies of adopted Local Development Documents and the 'saved' policies of the Local Plan are being successfully implemented, whether they are achieving the desired results and what, if any, intervention is required
  • progress in delivering additional housing provision against the set targets through the use of a housing trajectory


The following Annual Monitoring Reports have been prepared by the Council and are available to download:

The most recent Annual Monitoring Report (2010/2011) was submitted on 12th December 2011 and a printed copy is available from the Planning Policy Team for £10 + £1 p&p. Alternatively printed copies can be viewed at Riverbank House, Bideford.

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