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Green Infrastructure Strategy

Author: David Wilson Partnership

Date: April 2014

Torridge District Council and North Devon Council jointly commissioned David Wilson Partnership to undertake a review of green infrastructure provision in the area and provide a long term plan and strategic framework for future delivery of green infrastructure projects.

Green Infrastructure (GI) refers to the environmental resources within and between towns and villages. It is a network of natural assets and spaces, including formal parks, gardens, historic landscapes, woodlands, green corridors, waterways, street trees and countryside. GI is part of the life-support system of an area; providing functions and environmental services to a community, such as employment, tourism, culture, recreation, physical health and mental well being, social interaction, contact with nature, drainage and flood management, climate change adaptation and pollution mitigation.

The study follows 6 key stages as summarised below:

  • Step 1 – Identifying Local Needs
  • Step 2 – Audit of Existing Green Infrastructure Assets
  • Step 3 – Setting Local Standards
  • Step 4 – Applying Local Standards
  • Step 5 – Identifying Local Opportunities
  • Step 6 – Drafting Policy Recommendations


Green Infrastructure Strategy - Part 1 (PDF) [1MB]

Green Infrastructure Strategy - Part 2 (PDF) [8MB]

Green Infrastructure Strategy - Part 3 (PDF) [2MB]

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