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Joint Landscape Character Assessment for North Devon and Torridge Districts (Superseded)

Status: Adopted

Author: Land Use Consultants

Adopted: 14th February 2011 (TDC) / 8th January 2011 (NDC)


Note: This Landscape Character Assessment has been superseded, the new assessment can be found here 2023


A Joint Landscape Character Assessment (LCA) was adopted by Torridge District Council on 14th February 2011 and by North Devon Council on 8th January 2011.

Landscape character assessment is a technique that has been developed to facilitate systematic analysis, description and classification of the landscape.

The Joint Landscape Character Assessment will help guide strategic planning and development management decisions and provide guidelines for the conservation and enhancement of the areas special landscape qualities. The Assessment will form part of the evidence base for the North Devon and Torridge Local Development Framework and enable identified landscapes to be considered in the determination of planning applications.

The Joint Landscape Character Assessment identifies 22 distinct landscape character types throughout North Devon and Torridge. The location of each landscape type is identified and each landscape type is described and evaluated to identify the area's special qualities, forces for change, and the strategy to protect, manage and plan for the landscape type's special qualities.

The Joint Landscape Character Assessment for North Devon and Torridge completes the Assessments across the whole of Devon.


The Joint Landscape Character Assessment is a substantial document, which for ease of access has been divided into the below sections to download.

LCA Report


Landscape Character Types

Further Information

If you would like further information on the Joint Landscape Character Assessment please feel free to  with the Planning Policy Team.

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