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Household Support Fund

The current fund closed in March 2024. A new fund aimed at supporting households in the most need with food, energy, water, other household bills and wider essentials will be launched shortly so please check back in the coming weeks for further information and links to the new application process.   

Eligible applications will include:

  • Energy and water. The Fund will primarily be used to support energy bills for any form of fuel that is used for the purpose of domestic heating, cooking, or lighting, including oil or portable gas cylinders. It can also be used to support water bills including for drinking, washing, cooking, as well as for sanitary purposes and sewerage.

  • Food. The Fund can be used to provide support with food, whether in kind or through vouchers.

  • Essentials linked to energy and water. The Fund can be used to provide support with essentials linked to energy and water (for example period products, warm clothing, soap, blankets, the purchase of equipment such as fridges, freezers, ovens, slow cookers), in recognition that a range of costs may arise which directly affect a household's ability to afford or access energy, food and water. Funding will also be available for such things as insulating a hot water tank, fitting draft excluders to a front door, or replacing lightbulbs.

  • Wider essentials. The Fund can be used to support wider essential which may include but are not limited to, support with other bills including broadband or phone bills, clothing, and essential transport-related costs such as repairing a car, buying a bicycle, or paying for fuel. This list is not exhaustive.

  • Housing costs. In exceptional cases of genuine emergency, where existing housing support schemes do not meet this exceptional need. The Fund cannot be used to provide mortgage support, though homeowners could still qualify for the other elements of The Fund (such as energy, food, water, essentials linked to energy and water and wider essentials). Where a homeowner is having difficulty with their mortgage payments, they should contact their lender as soon as possible to discuss their circumstances as lenders will have a set procedure to assist.

Please visit for further support and information.

03 April 2024

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