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Rats & mice

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For the protection of public health, it is important to control certain animals more than others. The law requires occupiers of land including property, to rid it of any substantial infestations of rats or mice.

We don't currently provide a pest control service to domestic premises.  You should contact a private pest control company, as they should be licensed to use more effective treatments than those available in hardware stores, DIY stores, etc.   If you do use do-it-yourself treatments, follow the instructions carefully

Torridge District Council can investigate & take enforcement action if necessary:

  • significant infestation of pests arising from neighbouring land or property
  • public health issues - eg:  pests in a shop, restaurant or workplace

Depending on your own point of view, any animal in any number may be regarded as a 'pest'.  Rats, mice, cockroaches, flies and fleas are often responsible for the transmission of infectious disease, contamination of food and damage to property. 

You can help yourself by ensuring that your premises are in good repair, making it difficult for rats to gain access and making sure air bricks are intact. Remove any sources of food or water, clear areas, which may offer shelter or nesting materials such as piles of timber or any areas of your garden, which are overgrown. Do not leave food out for the birds or other animals.

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