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£150 Energy Rebate Scheme

Discretionary scheme now open

How do I claim?

If you would like to claim housing benefit /council tax support or would like advice about claiming benefit, phone the council on 01237 428700 or send us an email including a contact phone number and we will discuss what you need to do next.

We can also make an appointment for you to visit the council office and complete a claim form with help from a member of the benefits team.

In order to claim either housing benefit and/or council tax support it will be necessary for you to complete an application form.

You will also need to provide the benefits team with ORIGINAL evidence in support of your application. Further details are provided on the application form

Please contact the benefits team if :

  • You have never claimed benefits before
  • You do not have a tenancy agreement but wish to claim housing benefit (your landlord will need to complete a certificate of rent and tenancy)
  • You are working but do not have wage slips (you will need to ask your employer to complete a certificate of earnings form)

If you wish, you may print off and complete one of the forms provided online.

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