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2019 Local Election Results

Torridge Ward Boundaries graphic
Notice of Election Parishes
Notice of Election District Wards

Results for District Ward Elections - Issued 3rd May 2019

Turnout 36.35% (49,330 Electorate - 17,930 Ballot Papers Issued)

Appledore Results (PDF) [14KB]


Bideford East Results (PDF) [17KB]

Bideford North Results (PDF) [17KB]

Bideford South Results (PDF) [14KB]

Bideford West Result (PDF) [14KB]

Broadheath Results (PDF) [13KB]

Great Torrington Result (PDF) [15KB]

Hartland Results (PDF) [15KB]

Holsworthy Results (PDF) [12KB]

Milton & Tamarside - UNCONTESTED (PDF) [57KB]

Monkleigh & Putford Result (PDF) [14KB]

Northam Result (PDF) [17KB]

Shebbear & Langtree Result (PDF) [14KB]


Two Rivers & Three Moors Result (PDF) [14KB]

Westward Ho! Results (PDF) [13KB]

Winkleigh Results (PDF) [12KB]



Results for Town and Parish Elections - Issued 3rd May 2019

Turnout 36.06% ( 26,894 Electorate - 9,699 Ballot Papers Issued)

Abbotsham - Uncontested (PDF) [58KB]

Alverdiscott - Uncontested (PDF) [51KB] Alwington - Uncontested (PDF) [57KB] Appledore Results (PDF) [13KB] Ashreigney - Uncontested (PDF) [58KB] Ashwater - Uncontested (PDF) [59KB]

Beaford - Uncontested (PDF) [58KB]

Bideford East Results (PDF) [16KB] Bideford North Results (PDF) [16KB] Bideford South Results (PDF) [13KB] Bideford West Results (PDF) [14KB] Black Torrington - Uncontested (PDF) [58KB]

Bradford - Uncontested (PDF) [57KB]

Bradworthy - Uncontested (PDF) [59KB] Bridgerule - Uncontested (PDF) [57KB] Broadwoodwidger - Uncontested (PDF) [58KB] Buckland Brewer - Uncontested (PDF) [58KB] Buckland Filleigh - Uncontested (PDF) [57KB]

Clawton - Uncontested (PDF) [58KB]

Clovelly - Uncontested (PDF) [58KB] Cookbury - Uncontested (PDF) [56KB] Dolton Results (PDF) [16KB] East Putford - Uncontested (PDF) [56KB] Frithelstock - Uncontested (PDF) [60KB]

Great Torrington - Uncontested (PDF) [62KB]

Halwill - Uncontested (PDF) [57KB] Hartland - Uncontested (PDF) [59KB] High Bickington - Uncontested (PDF) [56KB] Holsworthy Hamlets - Uncontested (PDF) [58KB] Holsworthy Results (PDF) [19KB]

Huntshaw - Uncontested (PDF) [51KB]

Landcross - Uncontested (PDF) [55KB] Langtree - Uncontested (PDF) [59KB] Little Torrington - Uncontested (PDF) [57KB] Littleham - Uncontested (PDF) [55KB] Luffincott - Uncontested (PDF) [56KB]

Merton - Uncontested (PDF) [57KB]

Milton Damerel - Uncontested (PDF) [57KB] Monkleigh - Uncontested (PDF) [56KB] Northam Orchard Hill Results (PDF) [18KB] Northcott - Uncontested (PDF) [56KB] Pancrasweek - Uncontested (PDF) [58KB]

Parkham - Uncontested (PDF) [59KB]

Peters Marland - Uncontested (PDF) [57KB] Petrockstowe - Uncontested (PDF) [57KB] Pyworthy - Uncontested (PDF) [57KB] Roborough - Uncontested (PDF) [58KB] Shebbear - Uncontested (PDF) [56KB]

Sheepwash Results (PDF) [15KB]

St Giles in the Wood - Uncontested (PDF) [58KB] St Giles on the Heath - Uncontested (PDF) [58KB] Sutcombe - Uncontested (PDF) [57KB] Tetcott - Uncontested (PDF) [57KB] Thornbury - Uncontested (PDF) [57KB]

Weare Giffard - Uncontested (PDF) [57KB]

Welcombe (PDF) [14KB] West Putford - Uncontested (PDF) [57KB] Westward Ho! Results (PDF) [14KB] Winkleigh - Uncontested (PDF) [59KB] Woolfardisworthy - Uncontested (PDF) [57KB]

Yarnscombe - Uncontested (PDF) [57KB]

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