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Local Connection Definition

To have a local connection to an area, you must have:

  • been normally resident in that area for 6 of the last 12 months

  • been normally resident in that area for 3 out of the last 5 years

  • employment in that area on a permanent basis

  • strong family connections in the area, such as a close family member (mother, father, brother, sister or adult child) that has lived in the area for at least 5 years. In some special circumstances other family members or circumstances may be considered

Residence in the area has to by choice. If you have spent time in emergency housing or a refuge this will count towards a local connection, but time spent in prison or an institution does not count.

If you are street homeless or sofa surfing and you have no settled accommodation elsewhere, residence may be established if there is clear evidence that you reside in the area.

If you are fleeing violence or threats of violence and at risk, local connection requirements may be disregarded.

There are special rules around local connection for care leavers and members of the armed forces.

If you are homeless and you approach a local authority in an area to which you have no local connection, you may be referred to another local authority in an area to which you do have a local connection/ You cannot be referred to another local housing authority if you are at risk of domestic abuse or violence in that area.

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