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Intentionally Homeless Definition

You may be at fault for losing your last settled home. Circumstances where you may be at fault include where you:

  • were evicted for anti social or criminal behaviour; or

  • failed to pay the rent or mortgage when it is was affordable and reasonable for you to do so; or

  • left or gave up a home when you could have stayed

If you are homeless and eligible for assistance, you will be owed a Relief Duty regardless of whether you are at fault for losing your last settled home, although it may make it more difficult to help you to secure housing if you have a poor tenancy history.

If you are still homeless when the Relief Duty comes to an end, and you are in priority need the Council will need to decide what further duties are owed to you. If the Council decides that you are at fault for losing your last settled home you will be notified in writing that you are intentionally homeless and told why. The duties owed to you by the Council will be limited to giving you advice and securing you accommodation for a reasonable period of time (usually a few weeks). The Council will not have to provide you with longer term housing.  

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