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Homeless or threatened with homelessness Definition

You will be considered to be homeless if you do not have anywhere to stay, or you have somewhere to stay but it is not your home (you are staying temporarily with friends or family, a hostel or shelter, bed and breakfast or squatting).

You may be homeless or threatened with homelessness if you:

  • have been served notice/are being evicted

  • are separating from a partner

  • are at risk of violence or abuse in your home

  • are suffering harassment

  • are living in poor conditions that significantly affect your health

  • are living apart from other household members because you do not have accommodation where you can live together

  • cannot occupy your home due to a disaster such as a fire or flood

If you are threatened with homelessness within 56 days the Council will help you to remain in your existing accommodation or, where this is not possible, help you to secure a new place to live, but will not provide you with emergency housing.

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