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Which buildings are Listed?

Generally, four groups of buildings are eligible for listing.

  • All buildings built before 1700 which survive in anything like their original condition.
  • Most buildings built between 1700 - 1800 are selected unless significantly altered.
  • Between 1840 - 1914, only buildings of definite quality and character.
  • Between 1914 and the present day only selected buildings of high quality are selected.

In identifying buildings which are considered worthy of inclusion on the above schedule, consideration is given not only to purely physical characteristics, but also to the social, economic or historical function of the buildings in the past - such as schools, mills, town halls and railway viaducts. 

This sometimes results in the listing of collections of buildings noted for their technical innovation or association with well-known characters or events are often listed (for example Kipling Terrace, Westward Ho!).

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