New Waste Services

Details of your new waste services

We are notifying you of changes to the Council's Waste and Recycling Services which will come into effect on 4th June 2018. These changes are necessary to enable the Council to meet the statutory environmental target of a 50% recycling rate by 2020.

From the 4th June 2018:

New Waste service imageWe will still be collecting your recycling (glass, plastic, paper, cardboard, tins, etc.) every week;

Alongside the recycling we will be introducing a weekly collection of food waste. A separate 23 litre food caddy will be delivered to your home before your service starts. You will also be receiving a separate recycling container for your glass;

We will be collecting your black bags (household waste for landfill) every two weeks;

We will be introducing a fortnightly collection of garden waste in a green wheelie bin. There will be a subscription payment for this service of £35 per bin per year. You will be able to register and pay online from the 1st April 2018 or for those customers that do not have online access a member of staff will be able to assist you either at the Council Offices or by calling 01237 428700 option 3 or online at:  www.torridge.gov.uk/gardenwaste

 Removing food waste from the material that goes to landfill will be handled through a new sealed 23 litre caddy system. The caddies will be delivered to every household in the district over the coming months and will be emptied every week along with the other recycling collections. The caddies have been designed not to attract vermin and should at the same time reduce the incidence of bags being ripped open by wildlife and domestic animals which has been an issue particularly in rural and coastal hotspots.

Garden waste collection will now be offered to the whole of the district at a charge of £35 per annum, which will contribute to the additional cost the service will face in implementing not only an extension of the garden waste service but all the other positive changes being proposed.

The Council believes that these changes offer a balanced approach by extending the range of services we provide geographically, offering more opportunities to recycle, while limiting the impact of cost to a small charge per year for garden waste where people choose to receive this service. It is a comprehensive package that will deliver a better outcome for the environment.

Between now and 3rd June 2018 please continue to put out your recycling and household waste (black bags) on a weekly basis, unless informed otherwise by this Council.

In some areas the new food waste collections will be introduced earlier. You will be notified at the time if this is the case for your property.

If you have received your new black box and kerbside caddy, you can start using them straight away.

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