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Planning Applications

Please check applications on our Planning Public Access system.

Council Tax Bands

The Valuation Office is responsible for evaluating properties and assign Valuation Bandings.
They have a separate Search page that can be accessed from this link : Valuation Office Search Page
From those pages you can appeal if you believe the banding for a property is incorrect.

Torridge & West Devon Member for Parliament  ( MP )

Geoffrey Cox MP

The MP for Torridge & West Devon Constituency is Geoffrey Cox 

Further details from his website :  www.geoffreycox.co.uk      

tellgeoffrey@geoffreycox.co.uk or  phone  01822 612925

Devon County Councillors

 Division 54 - Bideford EastCllr Linda Hellyer
 Division 55 - Bideford West & Hartland   Cllr Jeffery Wilton-Love
 Division 56 - Holsworthy RuralCllr James Morrish
 Division 57 - NorthamCllr Dermot McGeough
 Division 58 - Torrington RuralCllr Andrew Saywell

Refuse, Recycling and Green Wheelie Bins Collections

To find out which days your Refuse, Recycling, and Green Wheelie Bins are collected please visit our  Collection Dates page where you will be asked to enter either your house name, number, or postcode.  You will then be presented with a detailed calendar view of the forthcoming collection dates for your particular property.

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