Corporate Governance at Torridge

In line with best practice requirements and in order to ensure that we maintain high standards of corporate governance in the way in which we carry out our functions Torridge has produced a Local Code of Corporate Governance. The Council also issues an Annual Governance Statement.

Good governance requires local authorities to ensure that they have the structures and processes in place for good management, good performance, and good stewardship of public money. Procedures should also encompass good public engagement, and ultimately, good outcomes for the people of Torridge and other service users. To achieve this the Council uses performance management monitoring, risk management processes and other internal controls.

These arrangements are set out in the Local Code of Corporate Governance and are reviewed annually. The Annual Governance Statement is published with the Accounts to confirm that arrangements have been reviewed and that they provide assurance that all controls were operating. It also identifies any opportunities for improvement to controls. Copies of the the Local Code, Annual Statement, and also the Council's whistleblowing policy can be viewed and downloaded from the links to the right.