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Have a Green Jubilee!

Green Jubilee

Top tips for a Green Platinum Jubilee celebration

1. Set up some DIY recycling, food compost and general waste collection points. Designate some community volunteers to oversee sorting and distributing it out for home recycling.

2. Need to use single use packaging? Opt for home compostable, avoid - plastic straws, styrofoam or polystyrene packaging and single-use condiment sachets (bulk buy and let people help themselves). If you're bringing food to share, cover with foil (recyclable) and reusable beeswax wraps instead of cling film.

3. Purchase as many drinks in cans and glass as possible (infinitely recyclable) and avoid supplying single-use cups for people to decant into. Encourage people to bring their own or book reusable cups for your event at hire

4. Say NO to the balloon and other single-use paraphernalia. Opt for paper decorations, reuse, or make your own or if you live in the North Devon District - the council have cotton bunting and paper flags you can borrow - contact your local town council office.

5. Provide makeshift ashtrays to cater for people that might be smoking.

6. Providing face painting activities? Opt for water based natural paints. Leave the glitter in the cupboard as plastic on the skin and then washed down the sink is bad for the marine environment. Go for good quality biodegradable, plant-based options.

7. Support our local independent shops by looking local for fresh produce and goods. Opt for seasonal, free-range, and organic if and where possible, and try some of the tasty vegan and vegetarian options. To find local, delis, butchers and fishmongers try PFND's #looklocal directory or the discover app

8. Communicate your expectations with your community/guests well in advance. Ask them to bring their own water bottles, reusable cups, and cutlery.

9. Encourage walking, cycling, use of public transport and carsharing for getting to your event

10. Share your greener jubilee efforts and tag @plasticfreenorthdevon, @torridgedc @northdevoncouncil on social media.

Download the list for your event here:  Go Green for the Queen - Top Tips Guide (PDF) [124KB]

If there are just a few of you at your party, you can still make a difference....

  • Plan early to avoid lastminute runs to the supermarket to buy up too much over- packaged convenience picnic food and instead bring a dish each, you'll soon have a better and bigger feast than any convenience food could offer.
  • Say NO to dreaded single use disposable BBQs - designate a friend to bring theirs from home!
  • Finally have an enjoyable event! - celebrate our queen but keep it green!







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