Churchfields Play Area Appledore Update

Play Ship Appledore

Since the leaders update in September 2018, the Council has been maintaining its commitment towards the further refurbishment of the children's play area at Churchfields Car Park, Appledore. Funding has now been secured to provide a resolution to the issues with the Play Ship structure which will shortly be replaced and forms part of a package of works to be implemented over the next 5 years.

Although many in the community expressed a wish to retain the Play Ship in its current form, it has unfortunately reached the end of its life and no longer conforms to play safety standards. The metalwork of the structure has suffered as a result of exposure to the coastal climate leading to rust developing in key supporting components. Although the Council engaged with independent specialists with a view to repairing the structure in its current form the conclusion is that these would unfortunately be cost prohibitive.

Access to the play ship has been restricted in recent months because of these concerns but now that the feasibility study has been concluded it will shortly be removed. Consideration is being given to replacing the structure with a nautical themed multi play unit with input from Councillors and the local community.

In the event of any queries please contact Torridge District Council on 01237 428714 or your local Councillor.

31 July 2019