Transfer a premises licence

Information on how to transfer a premises licence to another person or company

A premises licence may be transferred to another individual or organisation at any time. A transfer of the licence changes the identity of the licence holder but does not alter the licence in any other way. The Act makes provision for a transfer to come into immediate effect on application to enable the premises to continue trading without interruption. The existing licence holder must give their written consent to the transfer.

To apply to transfer a licence you will need to provide:

  • A completed application form  pdf icon Transfer application form [280kb]

  • A completed consent to transfer form signed by the existing licence holder  pdf icon Consent of Premises Licence Holder to Transfer [69kb]

  • The original premises licence (paper copy not the laminated summary)

  • If you are an individual applicant or a partnership which is not a limited liability partnership you must include copies of relevant documents to demonstrate your right to work in the UK (see guidance in related download section)

  • The fee (£23)

You must also send a copy of your application to the police and the Home Office who have the right to object if they believe the transfer will undermine the crime prevention objective. If the police or Home Office lodge an objection, the application will be determined at a hearing.

If the DPS is changing at the same time as the transfer of the licence you will also need to apply to vary the DPS