Corporate Enforcement

The Council has adopted a Corporate Enforcement Policy details of which can be found here


We deliver services that can include enforcement in the following area's:

  • Environmental Protection

  • Health and Safety

  • Public Health

  • Planning Enforcement

  • Dangerous Buildings

  • Food Safety

  • Waste

  • Fire Safety

  • Licensing

  • Trees

  • Contaminated land

  • Private Sector housing

  • Anti-social behaviour

  • Harbour operations


We make a fundamental contribution to the maintenance and improvement of public health, the economy, quality of life and wellbeing and our approach to enforcement supports all of this Authority's strategic plan goals:

Developing a Prosperous & Sustainable Economy

Stronger, Safer, Healthier Communities

Protecting and Enhancing our Quality Environment

An Effective and Customer Focused Council


We are committed to delivering these functions to the requirements set out in the Regulators' Code. Our approach to dealing with non-compliance with legislative requirements of businesses and individuals affected by our activities is set out in our Corporate Enforcement Policy. Enforcement functions are carried out by a number of Departments within the authority. The Corporate Enforcement Policy is an overarching policy for enforcement functions of the Council.

You will find the Corporate Enforcement Policy on this page.

We welcome any feedback on this policy from individuals, businesses or groups. We will review all comments, suggestions and feedback and provide you with a response. To leave us feedback, please see our Contact Us page on the website, or use this form directly