£10,000 grant for Beaford Village Green Project tops off a year of giving back to Communities

Beaford Village Green

Beaford's Village Green project was recently boosted by a £10,000 grant from Torridge District Councils Community Grants scheme. The money will go towards the refurbishment and renewal of the site which boasts a sports pitch and children's play area. The overall spend for the scheme is over £73,000 with a large proportion earmarked for the replacement of worn out play equipment which were no longer practical or possible to repair.

With some of the play equipment already removed the project was implemented so that the Children of the village would continue to have a safe and fun environment in which to pursue healthy outdoor activities. The plans include new swings, trampoline, birds nest climbing frame, slides, tunnels and other eye catching features. With a thriving primary school nearby the demands on the play area have never been higher and over the years the equipment has been well used by children after school and at weekends. The green also attracts older generations for walks and other activities, particularly in the summer months, and this interaction between old and young is also something the scheme hopes to keep alive.

The whole process was in part kicked off by a parent led pre-school group located at the village hall who had managed to raise £150 through various activities including the selling of homemade cakes on the village green. The scheme is just the latest community grant sanctioned by Torridge Council which has seen nearly £1.2M distributed to worthy causes across the district in the last three years.

Grant Sponsor and TDC Ward Member Councillor Rosemary Lock said:

"I was really pleased that we were able to support this scheme in one of our more rural parishes and look forward with eager anticipation to it being fully completed. The scheme will benefit many people across the community and provide a focal point for outdoor activities in the village. Its great that the Council can be part of promoting a healthy outdoor lifestyle for young and old alike."

Beaford Parish Council said:

"On behalf of the Parish Council and our community we would like to thank Torridge District Council and our Ward Councillor Rose Lock for all their support with this Community project. The project is still ongoing with further equipment for the very young members of the community yet to be installed. However the children are very pleased with the equipment that has already been provided and it has made a tremendous difference to the community, enhancing the focal point of the village, and encouraging healthy outdoor interaction between all ages groups."

14 December 2018