Churchfields Play Area - Appledore

Churchfields Appledore

Statement by Councillor Jane Whittaker - Leader Torridge District Council

"We have had a number of enquiries about the Churchfields play area in Appledore amid rumours that the Council is planning to close and redevelop it. I would like to make it clear that these rumours are unfounded and the Council has no such plans.

The play area has however suffered from a number of failed pieces of equipment, requiring their removal in a short period of time. Each case has been referred to us by our independent Inspectors and only removed after review. The Slide and the Boat feature are also currently cordoned off while repairs are being made.

The main overriding aim of the Council is to ensure that the site is safe for children to use. Hence we cannot take any risks when issues are reported to us.

As the play area needs substantial investment, the site is already included in the new 5 year Play Area Capital Programme being submitted for this years round of Capital Bids, with a request for funding over that period for a number of sites. Churchfields is already a known priority and has been flagged as such as part of this process.

At this moment we cannot confirm precise dates for these works as budget setting and monetary allocations will not be completed until February 2019. In the meantime will continue to provide maintenance for those pieces we are able to refurbish in the interim."

12 September 2018