Torridge District Council Waste Collection Notifications

Waste Collection

This page lists current known issues with Torridge District Councils waste or recycling service. If you wish to report a missed collection you can do so online here https://www.torridge.gov.uk/article/17107/Missed-Collections or by calling 01237 428700 option 3.

Update - One of our supervisors has visited Buckland Brewer and managed to get through. The crew will try and return to get as much as they can today and then collect any missed on Thursday.

Tuesday 13th November - Due to roadworks we are unable to collect recycling from Buckland Brewer. The main road through is being ripped up. The only way to get recycling collected would be in a small van which would take multiple trips and we do not have a van available. We will get this collected on Thursday/Friday when the road is reopened.

Thursday 8th November - There is a road closure at Staddon Road, Appledore so we were unable to collect recycling today. Collection will be delayed until Monday 12th November.

Friday 2nd November - Our crews have had some problems accessing part of Staddon Road in Appledore this morning due to a road blockage. We will attempt to make a collection next week if the road is accessible.

High Bickington Collections - We have been advised that North Devon Council are changing recycling days for about 4,000 properties in certain specific locations in their district (details here https://tinyurl.com/ya7gok6o ). These include some properties in High Bickington. However properties that pay Council Tax to Torridge District Council will still have their refuse collected by us and the day for these collections IS NOT CHANGING.

Don't overload your Green Wheelie Bin please! We have witnessed several instances recently where a Green Wheelie Bin has slipped from the loading gear while being emptied into one of our vehicles. This is because the Wheelie Bin has been too heavy and has slipped from the holding mechanism while being emptied and ended up in the back of the truck. This is likely to be due to earth or other dense material being incorrectly deposited into the bins which should only contain things such as grass cuttings, small twigs and branches and other foliage all weighing no more than 100Kgs.

Please follow the guidelines here https://www.torridge.gov.uk/article/16997/Garden-Waste-Service otherwise we will not be able to empty your bin and you may be liable for any damage or injuries caused by these incidents.