Torridge District Council Waste Collection Notifications

Waste Collection

This page lists current known issues with Torridge District Councils waste or recycling service. If you wish to report a missed collection you can do so online here https://www.torridge.gov.uk/article/17107/Missed-Collections or by calling 01237 428700 option 3.

The majority of service in Torridge has so far not been affected by the Coronavirus crisis apart from the collection of Textiles from Households which we have suspended until further notice due to contamination concerns. Please keep any materials until we return to business as usual. DCC Recycling Centres have also been closed and as a result TDC Bulky items collections have been stopped as well - see below.

In some instances it may also be necessary to swap crews to cover sickness or absence and so some collection rounds may get to certain areas later than they would normally. We would ask our customers to be patient during this period and not to report any suspected missed collections until the following day.

As the coronavirus situation develops we may need to change our approach and prioritise some service areas such as refuse collection over kerbside recycling if we experience high levels of staff absence or other disruption. We haven't yet reached that stage and our crews are working hard to ensure that the normal levels of service are maintained. Should we need to make any changes to our services we will continue share information on the Torridge District Council website and social media.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION REGARDING HOUSEHOLD WASTE RECYCLING CENTRES! In order to keep both staff and the public safe ALL Devon County Council Household Waste Recycling Centres have been closed until further notice: See https://www.devon.gov.uk/wasteandrecycling/centre/ ... As a result of this ALL Bulky Item collections have been suspended as well.



•Store personal waste (like used tissues) and disposable cleaning cloths securely in rubbish bags.

•Place these bags within a second bag, tie it securely and store it in a separate room from where you are self-isolating.

•Keep the bags there for AT LEAST 72 HOURS before putting them out after 6pm on the night before your usual collection day.

•Recycling and garden waste can be placed in your usual bins.

•Please keep recycling if you can, but please keep your recycling for at least 72 hours after your self isolating period.

Thursday 26th March -

Unable to collect recycling from Pitt Avenue today due to vehicles blocking access. We will return tomorrow to collect from these properties.

Unable to empty some garden waste bins today due to the main road leading into Beaford being closed. We will return on Monday to empty these bins.

Unable to collect refuse from Kipling Court in Westward Ho today due to a white van blocking access. We will return tomorrow to clear the refuse.











Don't overload your Green Wheelie Bin please! We have witnessed several instances recently where a Green Wheelie Bin has slipped from the loading gear while being emptied into one of our vehicles. This is because the Wheelie Bin has been too heavy and has slipped from the holding mechanism while being emptied and ended up in the back of the truck. This is likely to be due to earth or other dense material being incorrectly deposited into the bins which should only contain things such as grass cuttings, small twigs and branches and other foliage all weighing no more than 100Kgs.

Received a reject slip for recycling? Unfortunately our crews are on tight schedules and do not have the time to sort incorrectly mixed recycling at kerbside. If you receive a slip telling you of this please help us by resorting your recycling for the next collection and checking for a slip before reporting it as a missed collection. This helps us to stay on track for the 32,000 dwellings we provide the service to every month! For more information on what can and cannot be recycled and which recycling containers to use visit https://www.torridge.gov.uk/article/16975/Residents-RefuseRecycling-Guide . Thanks for your help.

Please follow the guidelines here https://www.torridge.gov.uk/article/16997/Garden-Waste-Service otherwise we will not be able to empty your bin and you may be liable for any damage or injuries caused by these incidents.