Tuesday 27th February 2018

Celtic Crusader arrives on time. Shipyard launch and Willanne arrives.


Her Polish Captain and crew brought the ship from CORK where she had discharged a German cargo of fertiliser loaded from barges at Rotterdam. They sailed yesterday evening and arrived a couple of hours before high water at the pilot station in Bideford Bay.

The ship handles well, and steered with the engine stopped from the Torridge Bridge to the quay as the ship naturally slowed down. Her flap rudder especially  and bow her thruster were effective in her ballast condition (draught 3.5m max). weather conditions were perfect with excellent visibility, sunshine and low swell.

She will load to 4.9 metres with the 2860 tonne parcel of Ball Clay in 3 grades over the next two days, and be ready to sail at 0500 hrs on Friday morning.

Pilot was R.Hoad and boat crew were John Pavitt and Thom Flaxman. For the sailing boat crew will be John Pavitt and Keith Stevens and Pilot will be Paul Gyurgyak.

The newbuild Irish Naval vessel is due to float out from the dock at Babcock Appledore on Friday evenings tide, and the Williams shipping tug the Will anne arrived on this afternoons tide.

A close eye will be kept on the forecast bad weather, and a decision re the launching will be made after 0900 hrs on Friday morning.

TwoRivers From C.Crusader
Pilot Boat Two Rivers II from Celt Crusader off Appledore