Monday 11th December 2017

Deo Gloria completes her campaign. Stone carrying ship due for the end of the month.

Suction dredger Deo Gloria, has successfully completed her campaign of sand winning from the Bristol Channel after completing a number of trips to YELLAND QUAY between the 2nd and 9th of December.

There is a huge pile of sand destined for Farmers and other purposes. The ship sailed on Saturday morning at 1000 hrs for Garston, Liverpool and will subsequently sail for Holland before returning to the UK early next year.

The vessel has a sophisticated dredging system and can also do maintenance dredging using her bottom discharge to dispose of the spoil. She has an articulated spud leg so can maintain her position in suitably shallow water.

She has electronic charts (no paper charts aboard) in two independant systems. Her young crew of Dutch Master, and mate and Latvian or Lithuanian crew and engineer and enthusiastic, skilled and pleasant to work with.

Her regular master now has his pilotage exemption for Yelland having completed the requisate number of visits under TDC pilotage, but requested a pilot when he returned home on leave on Saturday.

Retiring TDC Pilot R. Hoad was accompanied by the new trainee pilot Capt Paul Brown (ex Dover HM and pilot) for the first of his training trips.

Deo Gloria at Yelland July17
Deo Gloria on a previous campaign