Apply for a new premises licence

If you intend to supply alcohol, entertainment or late night refreshment at your business you will need a premises licence

A premises licence application can be made by an individual, several individuals, a company or organisation or other prescribed persons such as individuals acting as representatives for a company or individual. A 'premises' means any place and can include a defined area, a building, part of building, a vessel, vehicle or temporary structure.

The application for a premises licence is usually made by the owner of the business or the committee or organisation responsible for the building. If the premises are leased, the freeholder has a right to inform the Licensing Authority of their interest in the premises and register to be notified of any applications and other matters that may affect the licence.

In respect of a community premises it may be beneficial for the licence to be held by the hall management committee rather than a named individual. This obviates the problem of having to transfer the licence every time the licence holder changes, steps down from the committee, moves away etc.

Premises licences which authorise the sale of alcohol also require a nominated Designated Premises Supervisor (DPS) who must hold a personal licence.

Please read the information for applicants document in the related downloads section before starting your application.

To apply for a premises licence you will need to provide:

  • A completed application form including your operating schedule.  pdf icon Application for premises licence [453kb]

  • A plan of the premises (details of requirements can be found in the information for applicants)

  • In respect of a licence to sell alcohol, the form of consent for the Designated Premises Supervisor (DPS)  pdf icon Consent form for DPS [71kb]

  • If you are an individual applicant or a partnership which is not a limited liability partnership you must include copies of relevant documents to demonstrate your right to work in the UK

  • The fee (pdf icon Licensing Act 2003 fees [124kb])

You must send a copy of your application together with the supporting documents to all the Responsible Authorities  pdf icon (List of responsible authorities) [126kb]

If you wish to submit an online application you will be given the opportunity to send attachments at the end of the submission. These will need to be in pdf format. Alternatively you can send them directly to licensing@torridge.gov.uk following submission of the online form.

You will need to advertise your application. Full details can be found in the information for applicants document in the downloads section.