Thursday 17th August 2017

New sand trade to Yelland. Day passenger vessel BALMORAL cancels her visit after mechanical issues. Clay ship fixed for BIDEFORD.

Deo Gloria at Yelland July17
photo Paul Gyurgyak
Deo Gloria Yell
Deo Gloria Paul Gyurgyak
Deo Gloria Sand
The sand won from her July campaign, dredged from the Bristol Channel.

mv DEO GLORIA, a versatile maintenance and sand winning vessel from Holland started a concerted campaign to bring sand into YELLAND QUAY on the 20th July last and completed some 6 loads, before an issue with the shore based unloading crane contacting the cargo tank during discharge, caused some damage and a lay over at the quay until the 10th August whilst repairs were completed. She is owned by Boskalis Westminster, a Dutch/UK company.

The ship subsequently sailed to Garston, Liverpool to complete another dredging campaign to supply material for the building industry. She is due to return to Yelland next Monday pm tide (1838 hrs High Water), and has asked for a Pilot on this day.

TDC Pilot Paul Gyurgyak, and boat crew John Pavitt and Thom Flaxman have handled the numerous Pilotage acts for the ship during July, and pilotage exemption has been gained for the Captain and Mate on board at the time.

mv CELTIC MARINER has been fixed to load Ball Clay at BIDEFORD on Monday and Tuesday next, and will berth at BIDEFORD depending on her ballast draught, at the earliest on Friday afternoons tide, but due to the size of the vessel it is more likely to be on Saturday pm tide. (1651 hrs HW.)

Unfortunately mv BALMORAL has had to cancel her planned visit to Bideford, after picking up a rope round one of her propellors, and sustaining some possible stern gland damage at sea en route to BRISTOL Floating Harbour. She is due at Bideford again on the 3rd September.

Complied by TDC Pilot Roger Hoad. Please note that the writers part time working arrangements (alternate months) may not allow regular updates as before.