Saturday 24th June 2017

CATANIA arrives at BIDEFORD. Arco Dee due.

mv CATANIA arrived off the port at 0500 hrs this morning. TDC Pilot R. Hoad and Thom Flaxman and Keith Stevens, awaited the ship in drizzle and moderate visibility at Bideford Bar boarding at 0525 approx. The pilot ladder was well placed halfway along the port side of the ship - far better than an aft placed ladder in the moderate sea conditions.

The crew (Russian and Ukrainian) had delivered a cargo of 'cat litter' from Greece to Bromborough, Liverpool via Gibralter for bunkers.

The master and chief officer reported that the run from Bromborough in ballast had been slow and uncomfortable with the fairly fresh south west winds.

The ship was built in China 5 years ago, and had a draught of 3.3m in ballast, with an air draught of 22m (Torridge bridge has 24m at mean high water spring tides. ) though the mast can be lowered.

She will commence loading on Monday, complete Tuesday and sail at 2045 on Tuesday evening with a draught of just 4.2m says her captain.

Suction dredger ARCO DEE has also requested a pilot on Tuesday evenings tide to land her 1300 tonnes of Culver bank sand at Bidna Appledore on behalf of Hansons.