Tuesday 9th May 2017

CELTIC CRUSADER arrives then sails.

mv CELTIC CRUSADER has sailed for TEIGNMOUTH. at 1725 hrs today.

She had arrived the previous evening with some 3,500 tonnes of stone aggregate for NOTTS contractors from GLENSANDA in Scotland.

Previous to that she had loaded a cargo at AVEIRO Portugal for Liverpool consisting of a general mix of steel, plywood etc.

She berthed at Yelland in excellent weather with a draught of 5.5m on an even keel.

Discharging commenced at 0645 the next morning and was finished by 1400 hrs. efficiently done by JST crane.

She sailed this evening bound for Teignmouth to load 4 grades of ball clay for AVEIRO over the course of the next few days.

Her crew had a welcome night alongside since they have been very busy daily since January. Her Polish Capt said that he cycled to INSTOW for a short time the previous evening. The crew mentioned that cold weather continues in Poland with snow today!

Celtic Crusader off Braunton May 17
Celtic Crusader loaded passing Braunton Burrows N. Hardaker
Celtic Crusader dep Yell may 17
Celtic Crusader passing Braunton Burrows outbound N. Hardaker
Celtic Crusader alongside YellNorm May17
Celtic Crusader alongside Yelland Quay May 17 N. Hardaker