Friday 13th January 2017

Arklow Resolve arrives at Yelland Quay.

Arklow Resolve arrived off the port 1.5 hours before high water in 30 knots of NNW wind. Boarding was aborted between the Mid Ridge bouy and the Outer Pulleys due to very rough conditions (Pilot boat did a 90 m surf the length of the ship!)

Eventually boarding after the outer pulley buoy. The ship was trimmed 20cms by the head, and steering was sluggish, but adequate using appropriate engine power via the variable pitch propellor.

Manoevring off the jetty was made more difficult by the strong wind, but the ship was eventually swung and berthed port side too, ready to sail after discharge.

Notts (The receiver) Manager Kevin says that the cargo is a record for them (and other estuary ports) at 4,700 tonnes.

The young Master (Russian?) was pleasant, but tired after a rough passage, and despite sheltering off Mull immediatly after loading at Glensanda he still encountered 8m seas.

JST crane will discharge the ship, and she will sail on Saturday pm tide or Sunday am tide for Avonmouth. Pike Ward agent Tom was on the jetty to meet the ship on arrival.

Pilot boat crew John Pavitt and Thom Flaxman ensured the safe placing of the pilot Roger Hoad onto the ship, and professionally handled the moorings of the vessel at Yelland Quay.