Saturday 17th December 2016

Welsh Piper calls at Yelland Quay.

The Appledore built sand dredger mv WELSH PIPER arrived this morning at the Pilot stationn at 0645 hrs and Pilot R. Hoad was put aboard by pilot boat crew John pavitt and Thom Flaxman.

The passage in was uneventful with a moderate to heavy swell and calm sea. The ship was alongside at first light, and commenced her 2 hour discharge onto the jetty where Notts contractors swing shovel and tractor trailers and lorry commenced carrying the sand away to store.

The ship's draglines and fast conveyor land the sand faster than it can be carted away so several large piles remain as the ship sails about an hour and a half after high water.

The Captain Peter who is from Taunton is moving on to a larger company ship after Christmas, and the mate is taking over as master. The crew work 3 weeks on and 3 weeks off.

The ship will have a short lay up over Christmas (but with some crew aboard ) in Avonmouth and has 3 or 4 cargoes  to load before stopping for the break. She has an MCA survey early next week, and a day chnging her main cargo impellor. She has done some twenty cargoes in two weeks reports her master.

A stone ship is expected for Yelland Quay over the Christmas / New Year period, and a ship is due to load clay in early February at Bideford.