Sunday 13th November 2016

Pur Navock berths at Bideford, Celtic Warrior sails.

mv PUR NAVOLOK was boarded at the bar buoy at 1510 hrs this afternoon by the pilot, and was conducted to Bideford Quay. Yachts and other pleasure vessels were in the river in the excellent weather conditions.

Her master was Russian, and was pleased to be berthing in the centre of town, a very rare occurence! He was in need of supermarket supplies, and some 25 tonnes of fresh water arranged by Mike Pryer crane driver, who shut off the car park ready for her arrival and tomorrows loading. She will load some 2,800 tonnes of ball clay for CASTELLON Spain. The ship was built in 1999 and handled well with her gearbox controlled engine and 3 step bow thruster, and flap rudder. He formally worked for North West Shipping on several of their (at the time 100+ ships) ships. They have sold many ships he says, and now have 80 or less. Wages on european owned ships are considerably better than on Russian ships.

Immediatly after berthing the Pilot boat crew (Thom and John Pav) having handled the ropes, took the Pilot to Yelland to sail the CELTIC NAVIGATOR at Yelland high water (15 mins later than Bideford high water.) her master, also Russian was taking his ship to Le Leuge in the French channel coast to load china clay for Denmark. He says he will arrive at 1700 the following day.

The crew set about cleaning the holds as the ship sails, and had already moved a huge separation bulkhead while the ship was safely alongside at Yelland. he landed some 3,900 tonnes of stone, in two grades from GLENSANDA.  He has a seventeen year old daughter who has just started studying physics at St Petersburg university, and was looking forward to returning home in two months time. (4 months on 4 months off.)

(Corrn. his arrival draft was 5.8 m ford and 5.4m aft not as previously reported.)