Sunday 13th November 2016

CELTIC WARRIOR berths at Yelland Quay.

0420 hrs Celtic Warrior berths at Yelland Quay. Draught 5.8m ford 5.4m aft. VARIABLE PITCH propellor .

Very high bridge (5 decks!!) as she is built to carry containers on deck as well as below if required.

The Russian crew were efficient, and the young Master and mate spoke excellent English.

Weather conditions had moderated with a moderate sea and low swell, with wind from the north west causing a confused sea for boarding the pilot onto the ship.

Notts manager was on the jetty for arrival and was awaiting the JST mobile crane. Discharge will be during today for departure this evening on 1654 hrs Yelland Marsh tide. the master reports that she will head for France to load china clay for Denmark.

Pur Navolok will berth this afternoon on the 1639 Bideford high tide ready to load ball clay on Monday and Tuesday.

Pilot boat crew were John Pavitt and Thom Flaxman. Pilot R. Hoad.