Friday 19th August 2016

mv ELKE K arrival, load and sailing time. Balmoral photo.

mv ELKE K was berthed by TDC Pilot and crew on Thursday morning at 0630 hrs ready to load her 2,850 tonnes of North Devon Ball clay in two grades for CASTELLON SPAIN.

Her Master is Dutch, with Russian Officers and Fillipino crew.

Loading commenced soon after arrival with TDC's crane (Michael Pryer cranedriver), and finished for the day at 1915hrs, loading continued the following morning and completed by about 1600 hrs.

The ship will float about an hour before high water when Mike will trim the cargo to the Cheif Officers satisfaction, and she will sail soon after 1900 hrs.

Elke K arrBidefordAug16
Norman hardaker's photo of Elke K swinging in the river.
.Mike Bid QuayElkeKAug16
Mike Pryer crane driver and Elke K
.Balmoral Aug16BidNorm
Balmoral on way to Bideford. N. Hardaker
Norman's photo of Captain and Pilot at Bideford Quay.
 time lapse on Dropbox "20160818_061559.mp4" by Thom Flaxman.  

Day passenger vessel mv BALMORAL had a successful visit to BIDEFORD QUAY andf was met by local dignitories including the Leader of the Council Jane Whittaker, the Mayor and Mayoress and the Town Cryer.

The Captain invited them aboard. Passengers had a short stroll in Bideford and the ship gained a handful of passengers to make the transit to Ilfracombe, whilst a few stayed in Bideford.

The ship was met at Bideford Bar by the standby Pilot vessel the Lundy puffin, and Pilot R. Hoad conducted the ship in.

All in all it was a very successful visit and was watched by a good number of locals and visitors alike.